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Student Research Poster Competition Winners / Abstracts - Social Sciences


Social Sciences - 1st Place
Educating Adolescents on Sexual Violence

By Gladys Palaguachi, New York University School of Medicine

One health issue being addressed in minority communities throughout New York City is the level of education on topics relating to sexual abuse and rape. This study believes that adolescents who are provided with a thorough education on what constitutes sexual abuse, ways to prevent it, and ways to respond in such situations, will help decrease the high rates of unwanted sexual contact.

After collecting data from multiple surveys, we observed that there is a significant difference in adolescent understanding of sexual assault and rape between participants who knew rape victims, and those who did not. Typically, it was found that those who were closely linked to rape victims had different opinions about the subject than those with no connections. Current publications were used to develop a survey, and these surveys were distributed to adolescents in New York City to asses the current understandings of sexual abuse and rape.

To solve this problem, a program that thoroughly educates minorities about rape and sexual abuse was proposed. The program will implement a curriculum that educates students on facts relating to sexual abuse and rape, and provide them with ways to protect themselves. The program will be sponsored by a yearly walk to prevent sexual assault and rape.


Social Sciences - 2nd Place
Communication Eradication

By Charlene Minaya, New York University

In today’s society technology is considered the predominant means of communication. Is society losing valuable social skills? What effect does this communication have on our speaking abilities, writing skills, and futures? Has this communication eradication been happening gradually over the past years, or has it just begun? Can losses be reversed or replaced? If not, what are the implications for the future direction of the world? This study hypothesizes that humans are gradually losing social skills, thus having negative effects on our futures.

Surveys of varied racial, gender, and age groups will be conducted.

This study seeks to ascertain whether ignorance is, in part, responsible for the limited use of social skills. If yes, is knowledge all that is necessary to reverse this decline, or will social skills be forever lost?

Results will determine whether or not a course of action must be taken to regain valuable social skills.




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