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Student Advocacy Day

Dear Colleague:

As you probably know by now, Governor Cuomo has proposed a 15% reduction in funding for CSTEP and STEP for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. There is no justification for cutting funding to programs that are among the most effective and efficient in the state. We must respond to this proposed cut if we want to maintain the funding we have worked hard to achieve in the past few years.

On February 14th, APACS will hold its annual Advocacy Day in collaboration with CICU. I ask for your support and participation by traveling to Albany to meet with your local and legislative leaders, and by participating in our email letter-writing campaign. If you cannot travel to Albany on February 14th, I ask that you meet with your local legislators in their home district offices.

APACS is calling for a 30% increase in funding for 2017-2018. With a still robust economy the Governor has proposed new spending on many education and other projects. It is unacceptable to fund new untried programs at the expense of our highly successful and nationally renowned programs. The Governor’s proposed cuts would actually cut spending more than 15% given the additional 14 CSTEP and 5 STEP programs that were added during this current fiscal year.

I ask for your support and participation in the February 14th Advocacy Day, and the upcoming email letter-writing campaign. Please contact our APACS Advocacy Day Committee members with any questions you may have. Carlos Pulquerio and Diane Williams are coordinating the Advocacy Day registration with the Student Aid Alliance. Please follow registration procedures outlined in this attachment. Jeri O’Bryan-Losee is coordinating our email letter-writing campaign and she will contact you shortly.

Thank you for your continued support. Our destiny is in our hands.

Very truly yours,
Michael A. Molina
President, APACS, Inc.

Click here to download the Save the Date Flyer


Albany, NY - Students from more than 70 colleges and universities attended Student Advocacy Day to support student and institutional aid programs that ensure access to higher education. Student Lobby Day is sponsored by the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU) in partnership with the Association Program Administrators of C-STEP and STEP, and the Higher Education Opportunity Program Professional Organization.

More than 1,000 students met with hundreds of lawmakers and staff to seek full restoration of the Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) budget, cut by 50% in the Governor's proposed budget.

- Filmed by Syracuse University CSTEP Program




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