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New York State is celebrating 25 years of providing science, technology, and license professional resources to students ranging from middle school through to all graduate levels of study. Please take a moment to see what our fellow STEP and CSTEP students are up to.

Where are They Now?

Featured STEP Program Alumni







Featured CSTEP Program Alumni



Alumni Testimonials:







Maxine Owusu
Northern Region
Syracuse University CSTEP Alumni

"I have always been fascinated with science. Looking to the future, my goal is to successfully graduate magna cum laude and attend a leading medical school. I aspire to practice as a pediatrician in less developed communities."







Ashley Heywood
Northern Region
Syracuse University CSTEP Alumni

"I am really interested in speech production and the different methods people use to communication whether it is verbal or non- verbal. I have participated in research that focuses on the intent of what people say. For example, examining the use of sacarsm, and seeing if children can distinguish sarcasm from play talk. Language development and speech production are a part of everyones everyday life. Those with communications problems are the people whom i would like to help communicate better with society."




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