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Sergio Gallucci

Region: Northern
Program Institution:
Clarkson University


College/University: Clarkson University
Major/Minor: Nursing
Graduation Date: 2016

Graduate School/University: Pennsylvania State University
Major/Minor: M.S. Aerospace Engineering

Significant Professional or Academic Accomplishments: Clarkson Alumni Sergio Gallucci 16’ was awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. Sergio is former CSTEP and McNair student. Sergio’s NSF proposal detailed an analysis of the performance characteristics of water as a propellant on a helicon plasma ambipolarthruster for small spacecraft, which he believes could shift the current space exploration and development paradigm. Gallucciis currently pursuing an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. His long-term goals are to attain a doctorate and to help push forward space resource acquisition and space settlement


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