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Mouhamadou Diaman

Region: Central
Program Institution:
Cazenovia College


College/University: Cazenovia College
Major/Minor: Criminal Justice and Homeland Security
Graduation Date: 2009

Graduate School/University: John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Major/Minor: M.S. Public Policy and Law Administration
Graduation Date: 2012

Work History

Employer: Red Hook Community Justice Center

Significant Professional or Academic Accomplishments: CSTEP students are often passionate about the career paths they have chosen. In asking Mouhamadou Diaman to describe the direction his CSTEP field of study has taken him, he wrote back with the following:

Upon graduating from Cazenovia College I have worked with the Red Hook Community Justice Center's Public Safety Corp. and its Juvenile Justice Corp as a case manager for the Red Hook Youth Court. The Red Hook Youth Court is a peer led court room that is run by teens between the ages of 14 to 18. The concept is based on the philosophy of restorative justice meaning, if one does harm to the community, the best way to go about solving the situation is providing that individual services to better themselves; in addition, the individual may receive community service to fix the harm done to the community.

While working at the Red Hook Community Justice Center, I was inspired by working with the many wonderful youths and respondents. I have learned many teens are committing minor crimes or getting involved in certain situations because they feel as though they do not have a positive place to "hang out" or someone to look up to as a role model. I started volunteering with the New York Rescue Committee with a friend of mine helping youth from different countries with their homework. Within that journey my friend Aaron Clubb and I have started DreamLine. We started by helping youth with their homework; in addition, with DreamLine we created a leadership group mentoring young men about leadership, about following ones' dreams, being a great citizen, and serving ones community. Furthermore, one of the main components of Dreamline is playing soccer with the youth and helping them develop their skills. It was a great way to connect with the youth. Currently, the program is at halt because of funding reasons.

At Cazenovia College I majored in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security and I was part of the Men's Soccer Team, CSTEP, HEOP, and SOED. All these programs have served me well and strengthened my leadership skills. At the moment, I am attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice getting my Masters in Public Policy and Law Administration. I am on my second year and, hopefully, in May of 2012 I will be graduating with my Masters.

Mouhamadou was selected to give the Student Address for his 2009 Commencement.


Student Address - Mouhamadou Diaman ’09
Cazenovia College’s 184th Commencement
Saturday, May 16, 2009

I want to thank Cazenovia College for this honor of speaking to you today.
Welcome, 2009 graduates……friends….and family

Coming to America was a new beginning for me. I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean and traveled thousands of miles away from my family, and friends in hope of the American dream. I have left my country behind, while my heart is still listening to the drums of Africa, the drums of Senegal beating, like the ocean crashing to soar. The English language was foreign to me and I felt like I was in a jungle, the American jungle. I felt lost and felt like the lonely star in the dark sky.

When I was twelve years old, I came to America and it was the first time I met my real parents because I was raised under the care of my aunt and uncle. I came to this country with big hopes and dreams. Most importantly, to start over, to flip the new page in my life and live in the land I have once dreamed of.

Coming to Cazenovia college was a new beginning for me. I was used to the fast pace life-style of New York City, cars honking, and people rushing from one place to another because in a big city like New York, time is precious. My summer was cut short and I found myself here in Cazenovia.

I felt lost in this new village, in this new school. Throughout my whole life, I moved from one place to another…….from the villages of Africa, to the crowded streets of New York City, and to the quiet countryside of the village of Cazenovia. A town so silent when somebody whispers your name you can hear it from miles away.

However, time passed and Cazenovia has become a home to me.

My message is no matter where you are from, no matter what town or city you are from, a place you love can become a true home.

Throughout, my four years here in Cazenovia, I have met incredible people who are like family to me and without them, I would not be here today. We all have met new people……..wonderful professors, kind staff members, and great fellow students who are like family to us. These people are the backbones of our college experience and helped us when we were feeling down.

We have built relationships with each other. Our friends are diverse.

We are accounting majors and aspiring actors. We are athletes and criminal justice majors.

We are future teachers and business managers.

We are equestrians and future politicians.

However, most importantly, we are Caz college graduates. Even though we may have different degrees and might all be heading to different directions, the friendship and love we have created with each other will last in our hearts forever.

Coming to Cazenovia college was a new beginning, for all of us. Four years ago, the members of the class of 2009, started their new beginning, a beginning of the fulfillment of each our dreams. We all have gained the knowledge to step out there in the real world and face the challenges. We may be feeling uncertain, nervous, and scared. But remember, this is a new beginning to finding our path. Today we are celebrating our accomplishments, and we all should give ourselves a round of applause. Louis L’amour, an American author, once said……”there will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning”

If today you are feeling it is finished, change that thinking. This finish line of our graduation is simply another beginning for the rest of our SPECTACULAR lives.

Thank You!


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