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Jessica Ennist

Region: Long Island
Program Institution:
SUC at Old Westbury


College/University: SUC at Old Westbury
Major/Minor: B.S. Biochemistry
Graduation Date: 2010

Graduate School/University: Montana State University

Significant Professional or Academic Accomplishments: Jessica Ennist is a 2010 graduate of SUNY College at Old Westbury and currently a second year graduate student who has accepted a full fellowship into a PhD. program in the chemistry and biochemistry department at Montana State University. There she is conducting supervised research focused on protein- carbohydrate multivalent interactions: work which leads ultimately to study the role of protein-carbohydrate interactions in cancer cellular metastasis. She credits CSTEP/AMP with creating an environment that inspired her to “enlarge her dreams and goals.”

Jessica transferred to the State University of New York at Old Westbury in the fall of 2008 to pursue a biochemistry. Struggling with normal challenges and fears of moving into a new area she contemplated moving back upstate during her first weeks of school although she enjoyed school and classes, she says. A successful first semester and a support system provided by CSTEP / AMP convinced her to remain at Old Westbury where she availed herself of many opportunities including undergraduate research, peer tutoring in general and organic chemistry, and mentorship of a high school STEP student.

“I received book vouchers each year, attended educational workshops that broadened my knowledge of graduate and professional opportunities, helped me to maximize my experience in school, and enabled me to plan for entry into graduate programs, apply for internships and research opportunities. I also received AMP travel support to attend the CSTEP conference in 2010 where I placed first in the Physical Chemistry division for supervised research in Conformational factors of Sulfur-centered reactivity in model Nitrogen-Sulfur mixed ligand complexes of Zinc. This presentation was completed in collaboration with an Old Westbury high school senior STEP student. I also presented at other conferences including the AMP Urban University Conference at Brookhaven National Laboratory. These experiences helped prepare me for teaching undergraduate labs in my first year of graduate school by developing confidence and communication skills in presenting core ideas.”

Jessica says that she is forever grateful for these programs which have given her so many tools, skills, and experiences that have contributed to truly setting her feet on her given path and have given her the opportunities that have opened the door to graduate school.


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