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St. John's University STEP Program Highlights for Fall 2013/2014

Fall 2013/2014 @ St. John's University

The 2013/2014 academic year for STEP at St. John’s University began on September 21, 2013 with an OPENING BREAKFAST to which parents, students, siblings and many alumni attended. The STEP students participated in the St. John’s University: Eleventh Annual Service Day event held on the following weekend. This is a significant event within our St. John’s community that helps connect the St. John’s family to local and global communities. The day was truly a family affair as parent and student volunteers had the opportunity of participating in the sustainability garden, creating cards for children who are ill in the Make-a-Wish Foundation and preparing the articles to be given out to the homeless during the University’s Mid-Night Run.

The theme for this year is Technology: Past, Present, & Future. STEP
will work on promoting the benefits of technology throughout time as highlighted in the
topics of aviation, DNA testing and information gathered from the use of computers. In October, the students had a session in the St. John’s Physics Lab. The topic was, Uniform Circular Motion and Centripetal Force. With the advent of new technologies incorporated into high speed trains, hybrid cars and planes, the attention of the students is being centered on the relevancy to careers in the field of engineering. One of our step students stated, “I enjoyed the physics lab and found the experiment to be helpful in understanding the relationship of circular motion and centripetal acceleration. Working with physics majors from St. Johns I was able to gain a better insight into how the centripetal force relates to the real world events.”

On October 5th, a technological and stimulating event into this year’s theme was
the opportunity to take the STEP students off campus and learn about the history
of flight at the Cradle of Aviation, Garden City, NY. STEP students reported the experience as, “Very good; Amazing; really interesting; I can’t wait to go again.” A 7th grader really captured the essence of the trip as she stated, “We were able to learn about different planes and the terms used such as thrust, jet lag, velocity and best of all get to enjoy the adventurous ‘make believe’ virtual flight simulator.” Follow up was conducted in the Literature for Science, Science Inquiry and Mathematical Inquiry classes the following weeks.

Tutoring is also available during the week to assist the students with their school work in math and science; regents’ prep, and PSAT/SAT prep.



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