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Brain Busters vs. Brain Boosters

St. John’s University (STJ), September 29, 2012

During the 2012-2013 academic year, St. John’s University (STJ) STEP program will be guided by the theme of Brain Busters vs. Brain Boosters. STJ STEP will work on promoting how the benefits of good healthy habits such as a proper nutrition and routine exercise can help a student excel in academic, sports and life. An exciting segue into this year’s theme was the opportunity offered to the STEP students of STJ when invited to attend St. John’s University: Tenth Annual University Service Day event held on September 29.

An important element covered on this day by STEP, was to work and harvest the newly grown crops of St. John’s Sustainability Garden. Through this exercise, the students were taught how to recover unused food that is no longer edible and how perishable foods can be used as compost. They also learned the value of recycling by converting un-used food into compost. From working on a sustainability garden, STJ’s STEP program learned about the benefits of exercise and its contribution toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This presentation was held on October 27, by Ms. Ellen Bodner, a certified physical therapist who also provided the students with a perspective of her profession.

Included with these great opportunities offered to the STEP participants, the students participate in lab experiments and have classes on Saturdays in science, math and writing. Tutoring is also available during the week to assist the students with regents’ prep, school math and science classes.





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