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Mercy College CSTEP Student Joins the Mentoring in Medicine Pathway Program

2013 - 2014 Program Year, New York

As a CSTEP student, Suenni Devers was exposed to the opportunity of joining the Mentoring in Medicine Pathway Program 2013 - 2014. Suenni loves EVERYTHING about the program. She is thrilled about her coaches and instructors. She describes the program as very hands on and will give her the guidance needed to apply to medical schools. Suenni states, “The Mentoring in Medicine program has changed my perspective of life and my future. Now I have a team of experts to help guide me towards the medical school path I've desired for all my life. My confidence now is much greater and I know I'll be able to go to medical school with the help offered by the program. Suenni looks forward to the upcoming weeks in the program and the opportunity to learn tips and tricks on how to increase her MCAT scores.

Suenni also has been in the lab conducting research. Currently she is working in the chick embryo lab conducting experiments on the inner ear to find out what molecules are present and responsible for the regeneration of hair cells. Since hair cells are one of the main components of hearing, once humans lose their hair cells deafness occurs and it is impossible to regenerate the cells. Since humans are unable to regenerate their hair cells, chick embryos are used as a model organism. In our results we hope to find out how we can implement the same process for humans.



Source: Mercy College CSTEP



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