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Clarkson program helps students get degrees

Posted on YNN Your News Now

Getting through college can be a bumpy ride for many students, especially when it comes to money. But one program at Clarkson University is making sure low income and underrepresented students get through and helps them find a path in the fields of math and science. Our Rachael Paradis has more on the C-Step program at Clarkson.

POTSDAM, N.Y. -- "When I first came to Clarkson, I didn't have a huge idea of what I was going to be doing," said senior David Yambay

Yambay is a senior at Clarkson University in the biometrics program. When he started college three years ago, he was having trouble picking a path and was worried about money. But then he joined the C-Step program at the University.

"Help me. Give me funding to get through school, also getting my textbooks most semesters, put me through workshops and all these other different things to help me out," Yambay said.

The C-Step program helps minorities and low-income students find and keep careers in science, technology, engineering and math programs.

"We're needing students in STEM majors and underrepresented students, low income students are lacking in those fields. We really want to get them out in the field and let them do what they do best," said C-Step Director Marjorie Warden.

Yambay says that because of the C-Step program, he will not only finish his bachelor's degree, but he will go on to get his master's and hopefully his doctorate.

"It's just been a continual process where C-Step has helped ensure I can succeed at college. They gave a lot to me to get rid of that stress," Yambay said.

Yambay admits that without C-step, he would have made it through college, but the ride wouldn't have been as smooth.

For more information on the C-Step program, visit

Source: YNN Your News Now:
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