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There are many facinating conferences and events that our programs host or participate in thoughout the year. Therefore we've decided to spotlight a region every month to highlight these events, and program & student accomplishments.

This month we are hightlighting the: Mid-Hudson Region

In the News

Mercy College’s STEP Annual Career Day Conference
February 14, 2014, Anne M. Dorner Middle School, Ossining, NY

Some of our upcoming events include our annual Career Day Conference scheduled for Saturday, February 8. We will have 15-20 professionals showcase their careers and share their experiences with students...




Iona College CSTEP Highlights 2013
Fall 2013, Iona College

This past year was another successful year for CSTEP! There were many outstanding accomplishments for CSTEP scholars. Students participated in faculty-mentored research projects in chemistry...




SUNY New Paltz CSTEP held its 20th Annual Summer Research Program
May 28 - June 28, 2013, New Paltz, NY

This past summer the SUNY New Paltz CSTEP held its 20th Annual Summer Research Program from May 28 through June 28, 2013. We funded three projects which included three professors...




Iona College STEP Highlights 2013
Fall 2013, Iona College

STEP students were conducting food testing. They test different samples of food for the presence of starch and simple sugar. This is our biology enrichment class, Lab activities are done every Saturday we meet...




Mercy College CSTEP Student Joins the Mentoring in Medicine Pathway Program
2013 - 2014 Program Year, New York

As a CSTEP student, Suenni Devers was exposed to the opportunity of joining the Mentoring in Medicine Pathway Program 2013 - 2014. Suenni loves EVERYTHING about the program...




Mercy College CSTEP Summer Program 2013
Summer 2013, Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz, NY

Our students enjoyed a day filled with activities at Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz, NY. Student participated in the man vs. wild activity. They were given 15 minutes to find materials in the wood to create a hut that would resist...




Research Experiences Abroad
May - July, 2013, France & San Juan, Costa Rica

Two CSTEP students from SUNY New Paltz participated in international research programs during summer 2013. Francy Hernandez (Biochemistry, 2015) participated in the SUNY Old Westbury Minority and Health Disparities...




Mercy College’s STEP Closed the Summer Program with a Rich Cultural Trip
July 2013, Washington, D.C.

Mercy College’s STEP closed the summer program with a rich cultural trip to Washington, DC. Students toured the college campuses of University of Maryland, College Park and American University...




Mid-Hudson Region: Alumni Profiles


Shanice Brown
Mid-Hudson Region
Iona College CSTEP Alumni

"I am a sophomore here at Iona College majoring in Accounting...CSTEP has been a wonderful experience....It has opened many doors and its a program that I would recommend..."



Christina Apatow
Mid Hudson Region
SUNY New Paltz
CSTEP 2008 Alumni

Aaron Perez
Mid Hudson Region
SUC at New Paltz
STEP 2011 Alumni

Kevin Purcell
Mid-Hudson Region
SUNY New Paltz
CSTEP 2010 Alumni

Maria Rodolis
Mid Hudson Region
SUC at New Paltz
CSTEP 2010 Alumni

Ranysha Ware
Mid Hudson Region
SUNY at New Paltz
STEP 2013 Alumni




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