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There are many facinating conferences and events that our programs host or participate in thoughout the year. Therefore we've decided to spotlight a region every month to highlight these events, and program & student accomplishments.

This month we are hightlighting the: NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region

In the News

CEYE Launched New Clinical Track for Young Men of Color
Summer of 2017, New York, NY

Since 1975, the Center for Excellence in Youth Education (CEYE) has been preparing minority and disadvantaged youth for careers in science and medicine. CEYE’s Science Technology Entry Programs (STEP) encompassing their annual summer research courses...




STEP Gives Students a Lift at Barnard
May / June, 2017, New York, NY

For the past three decade, the Barnard College Science and Technology Entry Program, known as STEP, has been helping students from underrepresented and economically disadvantaged communities find their footing in the world of STEM and licensed professions...




NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region: Alumni Profiles

Aida Alazar
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
STEP 2012 Alumni

Camille Avestruz
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
Barnard College
CSTEP 2009 Alumni

Shanté Chatfield
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
Baruch College
STEP 2013 Alumni

Violeta Contreras– Ramirez
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
The City College
CSTEP 2015 Alumni

Dr. Annabell Garcia, MD
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
Fordham University
CSTEP 1999 Alumni

Sasha Hernandez
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
Barnard College
CSTEP 2011 Alumni

Kathie-Ann Joseph (Ramsay)
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
Columbia University
STEP 1987 Alumni

Tiffany A. Ribadeneyra
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
Fordham University
CSTEP 2005 Alumni

Olivia Watkins
NYC: Bronx/Manhattan Region
Barnard College
CSTEP Alumni






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